The photographs etc shown on the linked pages below (over 250 at the  most recent count) form part of a larger collection available on the school's pages of the Friends Reunited website:  

We hope you find this selection of interest, especially the content of the Pupils and annual School Photos pages - after all, you may come across a picture of yourself!  If you have any further suggestions/material for inclusion please let us know by using the Contact form. 

Please note that the images on each gallery page are in no particular date order.  Also, we've tried to maintain consistency in allocating them to each of the main categories shown below, but inevitably there are a few, particularly in Activities and Pupils, which could properly make an appearance in more than one.  

Some of the images that contain text, such as magazine or newspaper articles, may be difficult to read in their entirety.  More legible copies can be obtained - for viewing/printing - by right-clicking anywhere on them and selecting an appropriate option, eg,"save as", "view image", or "print".

Also of interest to OTs will be this extract, available in two formats as below, from the currently unpublished autobiography of Eric Gilder, 1926-31, composer of the original school song, who died in 2000 (see also the School Song page).   As indicated, his school days spanned the final years of Battersea County School and the opening of HTS on the Clapham site.  Eric's  daughter, Paula, kindly supplied TH with a handwritten draft, from which he was able to prepare this typescript version in 2006. 
   Eric_Gilder_autobiographical_notes.htm         Eric_Gilder_autobiographical_notes.pdf


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